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Another fucked up teenager

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go back in time, say,
no, little girl,
don’t touch the stove, it’s
too hot and the next morning will taste
of hospitals and your brother will say,
“i told you so”

undo the first moment you were
so sad that the inside of your arms
begged to remember what the sky looked like,
tell your body that blood belongs buried
instead of coursing down your thighs,

undo easter sunday
where you finally snapped and said
“you make me want to die”
undo how you made
your little sister cry

go back in time say, “you will fall
but he will forget to catch you,”
kiss your forehead, say,
“but it gets better,”

go back in time,
show off your healed body where
only kindness grows, a forest where used
to only be wasteland, hold
yourself close and say,
“it’s going to be bad for a long time
but i swear to god
it is so worth staying that even
poets don’t have words”

undo the damage boys did, undo
the skipped meals and “accidents,” undo the hours
of staring at a wall waiting to disappear, undo
the words of girls, undo failed tests, undo
never quite getting

go back in time, hold yourself
and when you come back from where you were
close your eyes and say goodbye

don’t look back anymore.
only go forwards now, only advance now, see,
in five years some version of you is so proud
of who you grew up
to be.


- "Do you wanna make a poem about someone who numbs the pain and negativity of a girl… But he left her after 14 months, because his feelings faded away in one day. Now the boy changed and acts like he never did." // r.i.d (via inkskinned)



i am trying to understand what i want


you are one of those songs that get stuck in my head // r.i.d

by gpdraws
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